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This is a big weekend ahead of us! Labor Day will be coming up Monday, the much anticipated college football season kicks off tomorrow, and it’s the last chance to soak up those poolside rays...

It’s also a great chance for all of us to do some reflection.

See, this weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, and, as with every other era that comes to an end in our life, we have an opportunity to grow from it. This holds true in the fitness world as well.

As you look back at your summer and take stock of what you did during these past three months, try to think about where you were (and more importantly, where you told yourself you would be health-wise) before the summer season started:

  • Did you make it into the gym as much as you told yourself you would?
  • Did you fall of your diet in exchange for summer fun?
  • Did you seek out a gym community that has your singular best interest in mind at all times as opposed to treating you like a nameless face on a membership roster?
  • Did you seek out professional help to keep you on track, away from distraction and make your time in the weight room effective and efficient?

​It’s been said before, “the trouble is, you think you have time.” We all have very busy lives, and sometimes the things that are best for us take a back seat to the things that we THINK we need to do first. But, just like summer ends all too soon, so do your chances of making the most of the time you have to build a body that is capable of achieving your life’s purpose! Let the end of summer, and the subsequent start of a new season, be the catalyst that inspires you to get back on the fit track before ‘tomorrow’ becomes ‘too late’!

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