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Autumn is often referred to as a season of change. The weather changes from hot to cool; the leaves change color; our outfits change from shorts to pants; and of course, we all change our coffee orders to pumpkin spice lattes ;). However, this last quarter of the year can also serve as another chance to change something in our lives that we might not initially think of as well: your gym.

A lot of times, one of the biggest hurdles that people encounter when it comes to staying enthusiastic about their workout routine, is that it becomes exactly that: too routine! It’s human nature to become complacent with things that don’t provide excitement in our lives. We can even start taking things for granted when we know exactly what to expect. In the case of exercise, if we do the same exercises, at the same gym, seeing the same strangers, in the same environment, it can sometimes be a chore to continue that routine, and therefore, the door to disinterest can be opened and we ultimately stop showing up.

So change the scenery!! If going where have always gone to workout has stalled your fitness progress, come experience Sentinel Performance and see what a change in environment, community and coaching can do for you! There are plenty of options to get you involved on a low commitment-level, and, because we are a small business, you know that you will NEVER be a nameless face in the crowd. So check us out!

The worst thing that can happen is you get a fun workout for an hour; the best thing that can happen is that your life changes for the better. There’s only one way to find out…

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