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Once you’ve gone through your needs analysis, and figured out what you want the destination of your fitness journey to look like, you’ve probably come to one of two conclusions: you either need to gain weight or lose weight to get where you want to be. Most people fall in one of these two categories (or for a select, advanced, group of people, you might need to gameplan for both scenarios!), so for our purposes of this article series, we will talk about the details of each of these two endeavors; starting with weight loss.

The bottom line to keep in mind with weight loss, is there needs to be a calorie deficit, which basically means that there needs to be more (calories) going out of your system (body), than there are coming in. Again, this can be achieved a couple of different ways, however, the safest (and most effective), is regular exercise, coupled with sensible eating. Basically, we suggest doing some sort of physical activity every single day by combining cardio activity and resistance training. It is important that BOTH be done, not just one without the other. The reason for this is it attacks your unwanted weight on two different fronts. One, the cardio activity helps to use up the calories that you take in on a day to day basis so that there is no unused energy from the food we eat that day that can be stored as fat. Second, the resistance (weight) training takes care of changing your body physiologically, so that it turns into a fat burning machine as opposed to a calorie storing machine. It does this by creating lean muscle mass that requires energy (calories) to maintain. Pretty neat, huh!

As always, exercise for each individual is going to be exactly that: individualized. So, while we are able to briefly explain a few key tenants of the weight loss procedure in extremely general terms, it is ALWAYS recommended that you seek out professional guidance before embarking on your own personal weight loss odyssey.

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