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Something is said to be “behaving truthfully,” or “functioning in its truth,” when the object is operating at the highest possible level of its intended use. For example:

  • A pair of dull scissors might still be able to cut a piece of paper, but a True pair will be sharp, cut accurately and easily
  • A shabby old coat might still keep you warmer than having no coat at all, but a True coat will be of the highest insulation, have secure closures and keep out the cold while keeping in the heat
  • An old car might get you from point A to B, but a True care will run smoothly, have no risk of breaking down, and be fuel efficient 

The human body – which is also essentially a machine – is subject to Truthful behavior as well.


You see, our bodies are made up of complex systems that operate simultaneously and in cooperation in order to act out the demands of each of our lives. And, just like a low-functioning pair of scissors, winter coat or car will still manage to produce results to a certain degree, an out of shape body might still be able to carry you through your life’s demands – but it will be flawed. A body that is not True (you might say) will have chronic aches and pains, it will be in poor condition, it will be limited in the activities it can execute, it will be tired, and it will have physical blemishes.


So do what is needed for your body to operate at its highest level; to exist in its TRUEST form! Exercise, especially strength training exercise, is crucial, but sleep, healthy eating habits, avoiding substance abuse, and good hygiene are also all important in keeping your body – your human machine – behaving correctly.


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