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Out of the dozens of questions that have been brought to us over the years of coaching, one that seems to recur is this: “what is the one routine that I should always do that will get me the results I want.” Or, at least, that’s a pretty accurate paraphrasing. Basically people are constantly looking for “that one thing,” or “that one pill,” or “that one exercise” that is going to change their body overnight. The problem, however, is the answer is just not that simple (or in some cases, it’s not the answer people want to hear).

In order for resistance training, and exercise in general, to be most effective, the stimulus you place on the body needs to be consistent and progressive. Meaning, you can’t just do the same exercises over and over again and expect positive change. On the flip side, it is equally unbeneficial to do a different routine each day and never let the body master a particular skill or a certain weight because you’re always changing things up. Therefore, having a properly designed program that contains the exercises that are specific to your needs, and is progressively challenging, step by step, over time is imperative. That way you will be ensured that every minute you spend in the gym is well-invested in helping you get where you want to be!

In the end, your success in the gym will require not only dedication and patience, but also a plan of attack that accounts for your body’s adaptation to occur over time (ie changing the exercise selection periodically), while allowing enough time for your body to adapt, period (ie not changing the exercises too soon or too dramatically as to not allow the body to adapt and learn at all). Therefore, having a solid support systems as well as a proper program will ensure your success is steady, safe, and constantly improving! 

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