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We’re all very aware that strength training can work miracles for accelerating weight loss, improving sport performance, or simply just a way to look and feel better. But what if you are struggling with a more serious issue, like controlling or even preventing disease, would resistance training be able to help in any way with something like that?

Diabetes for example. For as common as diabetes is to us, must people don’t always understand just how incendiary it is, mainly because it takes a back seat to cancer in the headlines. Nevertheless, here are a few quick facts about diabetes that illustrate just how grave a problem this disease is in America (Source: American Diabetes Association): 

  • As of 2012, 30 million Americans (almost 10% of the population) has diabetes
  • This number is growing at a rate of 1 adult over the age of 20 is diagnosed every 23 seconds
  • 12.3% of all Americans 20 years and older have diabetes
  • 25.9% of all Americans 65 years and older have diabetes
  • As of 2010, diabetes was the SEVENTH LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH in America
  • Diabetes causes other issues like: hypoglycemia, blindness, amputations, stroke, heart attack

Resistance training, helps correct diabetes by creating what is called “an insulin-like effect” in the cells. Basically, after a bout of training, the cells are starved for glucose because it was all used up during the workout. As a result, the glucose receptors on the cell membranes are opened up and ready to receive any molecules that should float by. This phenomenon does wonders for controlling and stabilizing blood glucose levels in those who chronically strength train. Furthermore, not only does strength training control blood glucose levels in healthy individuals, numerous studies have even shown that weight training can even reverse high blood glucose levels in those people who might already have diabetes, especially if they have Type II. 

Once again, it seems there’s nothing strength training can’t overcome! Even one of the country’s top ten killers isn’t safe when regular strength training is employed. If you or someone you know and love is currently having to deal with this, sometimes shockingly terrible disease, we strongly urge you to get on a program immediately. Life, being too short as it is already, shouldn't have to be impaired in any way, especially when the solution is something as easy as picking up a weight and putting it down J. 

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