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These days, sitting for long periods of times is being considered by most health professionals as more dangerous for you than smoking. From biomechanical issues, to organ function, to mental issues, sitting for extended periods of time can lead to a plethora of health concerns, and what’s worse, most people don’t realize the dangers. In this blog, we are going to go through some of the ways sitting can affect different areas of the body, and how exercise is able to stop them.*

What happens to your body from prolonged sitting:

  1. Organ damage
    1. Overactive pancreas-inactive cells won’t respond to insulin production
    2. Heart disease-slow blood flow allows FFAs to pile up
    3. Colon cancer-increased insulin production leads to cell growth (theory)
  2. Trouble at the Top
    1. Foggy brain-slow blood flow doesn’t deliver oxygen and mood-enhancing chemicals to the brain…leads to dementia
    2. Strained neck-weird neck positions lead to vertebral mal alignment
    3. Sore shoulders/back-inflexible spine can allow injuries to happen during mundane tasks
  3. Muscle degeneration/atrophy
    1. Mushy abs
    2. Tight hips/glutes
    3. Bad back
  4. Leg disorders
    1. Poor circulation-leads to varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis
    2. Softening of bones-because bones are not put into load-bearing situations

What happens to your body from chronic exercise:

  1. Change in DNA
    1. You actually change your body’s ability to express strength and increase the metabolism ceiling you were given from your parents
  2. Improved mood
    1. Increased levels of serotonin which counter acts depression
  3. Protection from diabetes
    1. Improves your body’s response to insulin
  4. Improves  your focus
    1. Increased blood flow to the brain delivers oxygen to keep the mind sharp and staves dementia
  5. Decrease stress levels
    1. Exercise itself creates a stressful effect on the body that the body counteracts by releasing endorphins

As we are reminded of so very often, life is about balance. Everyone needs a good, steady, well-paid career in order to provide a quality of life for their family, and often times that requires sacrifices to be made at the office. But there needs to be balance. Regular exercise must to be a part of the daily routine in order to allow you not only the ability to be proficient at your job, but also ALIVE for your personal and family life as well. Fortunately, the time needed to be active doesn’t have to take as long as your work day does, and there are resources you can use in order to make that hour in the gym as efficient as possible so you can get on with your life. And always remember: for as much as there is that sitting can do to kill you, there’s plenty more that exercise can do to save you. 

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