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Everyone knows there are a million and one reasons to not go workout as much as we should. We are all guilty of it. Whether we try to use “not enough time,” “the gym is too far away,” or “I have too much work to do” as our excuse, the reason is still the same for all of us: working out takes a lot of effort, discipline and desire to maintain. That’s why it is so important that when you do find the motivation (insert link to “motivation blog” here) to work out, you need to make sure you are avoiding any and all road blocks that can prohibit you from gaining the most results possible. In other words, we need to avoid things that we do – most of the time unknowingly – to sabotage our workout progress, and inhibit our fitness goals.


You aren’t eating enough.

You are drinking too much.

You don’t have a plan.

You aren’t doing the right exercises.

At the end of the day there are many factors that play against the well-intentioned exerciser who wants to make a serious healthy change in their lifestyle. Just like your parents always told you “Life isn’t easy,” we’re here to tell you the same thing about the “gym life.” But there is hope. First of all knowing and understanding pitfalls like the ones discussed here and many others is extremely beneficial; you can’t stop doing the wrong thing if you never knew it was wrong to begin with! And secondly, partnering with a professional, or better yet a team of professionals, who are invested in your success in the gym as much as you are is a full-proof way to get on the fast track to a better you. Though it is difficult, exercise doesn’t have to be, nor should it ever be, hopeless. Never be afraid to seek out the answers you need to excel in the gym-you may be surprised in the end of what you are capable of!

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