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If you were able to catch our facebookLIVE video on Tuesday, we talked about the need to place consistency above chaos – staying consistent with your plan vs constantly trying new and different activities in the attempt to keep things interesting for yourself. As a result, in order to get you re-focused on how to keep things simple and consistent, we wanted to re-visit the foundational exercises that everyone should be doing in the gym.

The human body, since the beginning of its existence, operates under a very finite set of rules; if you do ‘A’ to it, ‘B’ will always follow. Therefore, fed by the need to make exercise easy enough so that people will actually do it, we came up with a simple set of exercises that we like to teach our clients that will get them in great shape, and which all of our programs are based around. The Fab Five as we call them are: the bench press, the deadlift/squat, the pulldown/row, pullup, and overhead press.

These exercises are perfect for your workouts for a couple of reasons. First, they are all multi-joint movements that work multiple muscle groups.

Secondly, all of these movements are complex in nature, meaning that they require your body to move in a coordinated fashion in order to complete each repetition of the exercise.

Lastly, all of these exercise incorporate big muscle groups simultaneously, as opposed to isolating just one muscle individually. This is important because the more muscle mass you can engage has much farther reaching positive consequences due to the fact that more muscle requires more energy (calories) to maintain. You literally turn your body from a fat-storage machine, to a fat-burning machine! This is what is meant when you hear about resistance training having a “metabolism boosting effect” – the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn!

We are all so busy these days that our lives depend on our ability to get things done as quickly, yet still effectively, as possible-the gym is no different. Now that we have an understanding of how these 5 moves can help you utilize your workout time more effectively, you are more available to do the things you want to do!

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