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One of the greatest perils anyone faces when staying consistent with their strength program is encountering plateaus. The term plateau refers to a stagnation in the progress you make from your workouts; basically, what you have been doing is no longer causing a positive adaptation in your body. This event causes major frustration and has even been known to derail people’s motivation altogether!

Now, in an effort to avoid cessation in adaptation by doing the same thing over and over, a lot of people will go overboard – they try to change too many training variables, too quickly without giving the body a chance to ever adapt. Ironically, this causes the same effect of stagnation! How frustrating, right!

Therefore, the best way to avoid training plateaus, while still giving your body an opportunity to adapt to the stimulus, is to practice proper “undulating periodization.” Undulating periodization basically means that over a specified period of time (ie week, month, even within a single workout!), you change your reps scheme in order to work your muscles over the entire spectrum of adaptation. That is to say, you choose reps that will work your muscles’ capacity for endurance, hypertrophy (size), strength and power.

So, by working your body through the entire spectrum of its capabilities, you will avoid staying in one single zone of adaptation, and continue to see results consistently over time!

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