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If you caught last week’s Coaches’ Corner, “The Definition of Strength,” we discussed how strength training does more for you than just build muscle: it can give you the ability to change your life – and the world around you – infinitely for the better. And, when that mindset gets lived out in the real world, it can tell a beautiful story – just like the story of Sentinel.

You see, the secret to life, insofar as I have come to understand it, is to live in proper order individually in such a way that allows you to most optimally positively influence the people and environment around you; to speak and act in such a way that your sheer existence forces the world around you to flourish. Author and poet Frederick Buechner actually puts it nicely when he said “you find your purpose where your deep passion meets the world’s deep need.” That’s how I’ve tried to live life, and since 2013, that’s what we’ve tried to do with Sentinel Performance: become the place where our superior coaching provides you with the human machine necessary to change the world in the best possible way.

But, in order to do that – to provide that opportunity to others in the best way we know how – we knew that it would take dedication and a comfortability with always staying uncomfortable; to work when we didn’t feel like it; to show up every day because we knew people depended on us to be there; to find the confidence to take on high-risk/high-reward scenarios; to practice, hone, and implement the skills necessary to be the best version of ourselves so that we could help others be the best versions of themselves.

The kind of skills we learned training in the weight room.

There is a tremendous amount of good that we can do in the world once we decide to start being good to our bodies. You don’t have to be perfect to start – you don’t even have to be good to start – but you have to start. Crossing the finish line of a life well spent can only begin when you choose to leave the starting line; the world can only change if you decide to change yourself first.

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