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If I were to have you list the benefits of working out, I could bet, with reasonable certainty, that within the top three answers you were to give, “builds stronger muscles” would be in there. And you wouldn’t be wrong for saying that! Indeed strength straining – as the name intuitively suggests – makes your muscles capable of lifting heavier loads than you were able to lift before starting training.

But limiting the benefits of “building strength” simply to just the physical, you run the risk of disallowing this style of exercise to change your life – to change who you are, universally, fundamentally and infinitely – for the better.

The word “strength” can be defined as “the capacity for a substance to withstand great force or pressure.” Now, while yes, it is very easy to see how this translates into the weight room, think about how this might apply to other areas of your life! The stronger you are:

-          The better you are at making decisions under stress

-          The better you are at withstanding a surprise tragedy or upheaval

-          The better capable you are at handling more responsibility

-          The more fearless you are at accepting new challenges that grow you as an individual

-          The more confident you are to take on high-risk/high-reward opportunities

To think of strength as just building bigger muscles is to think of reading a good self-help book as just entertainment. We have to go deeper than that. When you lift weights, just like reading, you have a chance to use that opportunity of bettering yourself in a way that benefits the world; to let the growth you achieve transcend just the immediate benefit of the action; to learn from experiencing and overcoming the struggle and apply that to your life in a way that makes you live optimally; to constantly grow in the gym so that you can constantly unlock the hidden potential within you to be the best version of yourself you could possibly be.

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