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  • What are Exogenous Ketones?

    What are Exogenous Ketones?

    Originally published on HVMN by Brady Holmer The ketogenic diet is more lifestyle than diet. It’s gaining popularity among those who wish to improve their metabolic health, lose weight, or boost their productivity. The many purported benefits of the diet are due, in part, to the properties of ketones , which are produced by the liver in someone on the low-carb diet, or someone in a fasted state. Table of Contents Endogenous vs. Exogenous Ketosis General Health Benefits of Ketosis Exogenous Ketones: Another Avenue to Ketosis Benefits of Exogenous Ketones Ketone Salts The Science on Ketone Salts for Health The Science on ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 11/15/19 How to Correct Back Pain

    One of the most common concerns we come across is the issue of low back pain. We hear it all the time: “I’d really love to be able to work out to lose weight, but my back bothers me too much and I don’t want to hurt it more by lifting weights.” This thought process, while somewhat understandable, becomes problematic because the individual will typically become sedentary for fear of injury, which will only exacerbate their pre-existing condition. The key to alleviating back pain, is first to understand how back pain, in most cases, is caused, and then devising an educated plan of attack to eliminate these causes safely and effectively through exercise. ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 11/8/19 High Blood Pressure: What to Do

    With more than over half of the nation’s population with high blood pressure (BP), there is good reason to have the facts about what that actually is, and what to do about it if you have it. Definition High blood pressure (aka hypertension) is a condition where the blood circulating in your body presses on the walls of your blood vessels at an unsafe level putting the system at risk for ruptures, stroke and heart attack. The Numbers Blood pressure is measured by two numbers – a top and bottom number. The top number is your systolic pressure (the pressure on the vessels when blood is being pumped), and the bottom number is diastolic pressure (the ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 11/1/19 Squat Breakdown

    In our experience, we often come across people looking for one quick and simple answer to a question they have always had about exercise, and one of the most popular of these questions we seem to always get asked is “what is the one version of the squat I should do when I am at the gym?” Typically their confusion arises from the fact that they know that squats are good for them, but, 1) they’ve never been taught how to do a proper squat in the first place, and 2) they see a multitude of variations of the traditional squat done by others in their gym, but don’t know what the benefit of those variations are, and wonder if they are missing out on something. The ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 10/25/19 Staying Motivated

    Motivation, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary, is “ a force or influence that causes someone to do something” It’s one of the great mysteries of human nature, whether we are aware of it or not, there is a constant all-out war going on within us between our will and our body. “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak” is a popular saying that illustrates this fact: no matter how motivated we are to make a positive change in our lives, we still need our bodies to be on board to carry out the act. There are so many factors that can interfere with a person's ability to stay on track; whether it’s lack of sleep, too many other things ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 10/18/19 Performance Benefits of Caffeine

    You don’t have to look far (sometimes just in the mirror!) to find someone who is a self-diagnosed coffee addict. Most of us will swear that if we don’t start our morning with a cup, we will be completely useless the rest day. And, while we are very familiar with the wonderful effects that coffee, and more specifically caffeine, has on our daily lives, it is less well known all of the beneficial effects it has on athletic performance as well. In actuality, the performance enhancing benefits of caffeine are so pronounced, that it wasn’t until about 2004 that caffeine was actually listed as a banned substance on the World Anti-Doping list. However, due to its ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 10/11/19 Strength Training Benefits for Those With Diabetes

    We’re all very aware that strength training can work miracles for accelerating weight loss, improving sport performance, or simply just a way to look and feel better. But what if you are struggling with a more serious issue, like controlling or even preventing disease, would resistance training be able to help in any way with something like that? Diabetes for example. For as common as diabetes is to us, must people don’t always understand just how incendiary it is, mainly because it takes a back seat to cancer in the headlines. Nevertheless, here are a few quick facts about diabetes that illustrate just how grave a problem this disease is in America (Source: American ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 10/4/19 Sitting: The New Silent Killer

    These days, sitting for long periods of times is being considered by most health professionals as more dangerous for you than smoking. From biomechanical issues, to organ function, to mental issues, sitting for extended periods of time can lead to a plethora of health concerns, and what’s worse, most people don’t realize the dangers. In this blog, we are going to go through some of the ways sitting can affect different areas of the body, and how exercise is able to stop them.* What happens to your body from prolonged sitting:
    Organ damage
    Overactive pancreas-inactive cells won’t respond to insulin production
    Heart disease-slow blood flow allows FFAs to pile up ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 9/27/19 Avoiding Pitfalls

    Everyone knows there are a million and one reasons to not go workout as much as we should. We are all guilty of it. Whether we try to use “not enough time,” “the gym is too far away,” or “I have too much work to do” as our excuse, the reason is still the same for all of us: working out takes a lot of effort, discipline and desire to maintain. That’s why it is so important that when you do find the motivation (insert link to “motivation blog” here) to work out, you need to make sure you are avoiding any and all road blocks that can prohibit you from gaining the most results possible. In other words, we need to avoid things that we do ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 9/20/19 Mind Over Madness

    When you have spent as much time in the gym as we have, you come to notice some pretty crazy stuff. Most of the time this is due to the fact that the general exerciser, through no fault of their own, is trying to do the best they can by themselves to recreate a movement they saw in Women’s Health Magazine, or trying to remember the workout routine they followed from the poster in their high school weight room. But what happens when you look around as you rest between sets, and notice A TRAINER demonstrating a clearly asinine exercise to some unsuspecting individual? It’s an unfortunate reality that is all too common in our industry. The following are a handful ....

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