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  • Coaches’ Corner 9/13/19 Keep It Simple; Keep It Consistent

    If you were able to catch our facebookLIVE video on Tuesday, we talked about the need to place consistency above chaos – staying consistent with your plan vs constantly trying new and different activities in the attempt to keep things interesting for yourself. As a result, in order to get you re-focused on how to keep things simple and consistent, we wanted to re-visit the foundational exercises that everyone should be doing in the gym. The human body, since the beginning of its existence, operates under a very finite set of rules; if you do ‘A’ to it, ‘B’ will always follow. Therefore, fed by the need to make exercise easy enough so that people will actually ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 9/6/19 The Strength of a Coach

    As we transition from summer in to fall, many people view this time as a natural opportunity to get back into a structured life routine. The whimsical fun of summer is over; kids go back to school; adults go back to their normal working-hour schedules. This transition back into ordered living – you might say – can also mean a recognition of the need to get back into the weight room. But, after 3 months of nothing but fun in the sun, it might be difficult to know exactly what path to take, and, more importantly, who to turn to in order to get the best advice on how to proceed most successfully. It is in situations like this where you should be looking not for a trainer, but ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 8/30/19 Youth Strength Training: Benefits and Myths

    Over the course of the last 25 years, the importance of youth exercise has been a burgeoning discussion topic. With the startling statistics that come out year after year about childhood obesity, coupled with the explosion in popularity of youth sports, there is a huge need to understand the role that strength training should play in the lives of America’s youngsters. But, for whatever reason, despite knowing all of the positive benefits of adult strength programs, there tends to be a ubiquitous apprehension among parents when it comes to getting their children involved with weight training. As a result, knowing both the benefits and understanding the myths of youth strength ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 8/23/19 How Stress Negatively Impacts Fat-burning Part II

    One of the best ways to reduce the negative effects of cortisol is strength training – but not in a way that you might think! When we workout, the body senses that activity as a stress, which probably comes as no real surprise! During the workout, your muscles are straining to work, your heart rate is elevated, and your blood pressure is spiked – which, as we discussed last week, are prime conditions for the fight or flight response to kick in and cortisol to be released. So if we are trying to reduce cortisol to allow our BMR to increase and build muscle and burn fat, why would we do something that actually increases our blood cortisol levels?? The answer lies in the ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 8/16/19 How Stress Negatively Impacts Fat-burning Part I: The Players

    When the brain senses that the body is under stress through a rise in blood pressure and increased heart rate, your body activates the hormone cortisol. Produced in your adrenal glands right above your kidneys, cortisol is responsible for preparing the body to either confront and overcome the stressor, or to remove itself away from the stressor. This phenomenon is popularly known as the “fight or flight response;” a handy adaptation for when we were cave people and were constantly under the threat of mastodons and saber-toothed tigers wandering into camp, but, these days, anything from a new job interview, to a tax audit, to rush hour traffic, to Sharon in the cubicle ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 8/9/19 Adaptations to Resistance Training – A Breakdown

    There are few things in life more frustrating than waiting for the visual results of exercise to appear: “I know exercise works, but how much longer do I have to do this before I SEE it work?” It’s enough to make you want to abandon the gym altogether and go on a crash diet. However, as is the case with so much else in life, the lifestyle of exercise must create change on the inside before any kind of change on the outside can appear. By its nature, the body has built-in response capabilities that allows it to overcome and adapt to the millions of stressors of its external environment. When you breathe in dust, your body coughs it out in order to keep it out of the ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 8/2/19 The Cost of Not Exercising

    In our lifetime, we are given one body. This vessel is the only means through which we can carry out our life pursuits. Whether we are the provider for our family, a premiere athlete, or the important leader of a company, each one of us has only one body – one human machine – to accomplish our mission. So why do we spend the majority of our young adult life destroying our health in order to create wealth, only to find years later that we have no choice but to use that wealth to re-establish our health! For the average person, the thought of confronting a major operation or life-threatening disease like cancer doesn’t dawn on them until the second phase of their ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 7/26/19 Give Your Plateaus the Ol’ Strong Arm

    One of the greatest perils anyone faces when staying consistent with their strength program is encountering plateaus. The term plateau refers to a stagnation in the progress you make from your workouts; basically, what you have been doing is no longer causing a positive adaptation in your body. This event causes major frustration and has even been known to derail people’s motivation altogether! Now, in an effort to avoid cessation in adaptation by doing the same thing over and over, a lot of people will go overboard – they try to change too many training variables, too quickly without giving the body a chance to ever adapt. Ironically, this causes the same effect of stagnation! ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 7/19/19 The Strength of a Sentinel

    If you caught last week’s Coaches’ Corner, “The Definition of Strength,” we discussed how strength training does more for you than just build muscle: it can give you the ability to change your life – and the world around you – infinitely for the better. And, when that mindset gets lived out in the real world, it can tell a beautiful story – just like the story of Sentinel. You see, the secret to life, insofar as I have come to understand it, is to live in proper order individually in such a way that allows you to most optimally positively influence the people and environment around you; to speak and act in such a way that your sheer existence ....

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  • Coaches’ Corner 7/12/19 The Definition of Strength

    If I were to have you list the benefits of working out, I could bet, with reasonable certainty, that within the top three answers you were to give, “builds stronger muscles” would be in there. And you wouldn’t be wrong for saying that! Indeed strength straining – as the name intuitively suggests – makes your muscles capable of lifting heavier loads than you were able to lift before starting training. But limiting the benefits of “building strength” simply to just the physical, you run the risk of disallowing this style of exercise to change your life – to change who you are, universally, fundamentally and infinitely – for the better. ....

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