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    Coaches’ Corner 10/19/18 Pre-gaming for Marathon Day! This weekend, here in Columbus, OH, will be the 39 th annual Columbus Marathon! This event is a wonderful tradition for a run-happy community, and also raises the age-old question of how to best prepare for race day the night before! If you are planning to run this weekend, or any time soon in another city, here are a few night-before tips to make sure your body is ready for the ultimate test: - - Eat a carbohydrate-heavy meal: The "International Journal of Sports Medicine" published an article in 2013 stating that you should consume a meal containing 7g of carbohydrates/kilogram of bodyweight in order ....

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  • Coaches' Corner 10/12/2018

    Tailgating Without Gaining a Tail! With football season in full swing, this is one of the most fun times of the year! Time spent with friends, cheering on your favorite team, and, of course, PARTIES! Unfortunately, however, letting the good times roll can sometimes wreak havoc on the waistline. But don’t worry, responsible partying is one of our specialties; here are a few tips to keep in mind when you are ready to let loose, but don’t want to have to loosen up that belt as a result:
    Try to plan ahead and eat something high in protein+fiber so that you won’t be tempted to over eat on junk food at the party.
    As best you can, try to fill up on the fruit/veggie tray as ....

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    Autumn is often referred to as a season of change. The weather changes from hot to cool; the leaves change color; our outfits change from shorts to pants; and of course, we all change our coffee orders to pumpkin spice lattes ;). However, this last quarter of the year can also serve as another chance to change something in our lives that we might not initially think of as well: your gym. A lot of times, one of the biggest hurdles that people encounter when it comes to staying enthusiastic about their workout routine, is that it becomes exactly that: too routine! It’s human nature to become complacent with things that don’t provide excitement in our lives. We can even start ....

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    One of the most hotly debated topics in the health/fitness world is whether or not consuming whole-food protein sources (ie meat, fish, eggs, beans, etc) is better than taking protein supplements (ie whey protein shakes, bars, tablets, etc.), or vice versa. To help you understand the benefits of each, here are the salient points of both sides of the debate:
    Whole food sources provide more vitamins and minerals (protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, zinc and magnesium, L-carnitine) than whey protein
    Protein supplements are digested faster and enter the blood stream quicker than whole foods
    Protein supplements (typically) are lower in fat because they can be manufactured to be so
    Whole ....

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  • COACHES’ CORNER 9/21/18 LOVE WINS Blog Post

    Earlier this week, a good friend of mine came to me seeking some advice. They were frustrated because, despite loving the gym, having the knowledge of how to work out correctly, and knowing how to eat properly, their motivation level to actually show up to the gym was down because they were in a brief rut of low self-esteem. This was causing a bad spiral of negative self-talk, stress eating, and just general despair about how to get out of her own way, and do what she knew she needed to do to get back on track. Raise your hand if you’ve been there before; I know I have…many times! As we talked a little further, we discovered something that I think all of us can identify ....

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    Well, we are full-swing into September, and that means it’s time to get back to business! The last quarter of the year is upon us, and therefore it’s the perfect time to take a look at where we’ve come this year, and where we’re going. If the past nine months haven’t gone the way you planned, specifically in the gym, we’re here to right your ship back in the direction you want to go. A lot of times when we need to start something (or start something back up), the hole that we may have dug ourselves might look too deep to climb out. I think everyone, at one point or another, can relate to this-I know I can! As a result, it might seem too big of a task to ....

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    If you’re a frequent subscriber to our “Coaches’ Corner” (and we hope you are!), you will remember we discussed, last week, the idea that, a fundamental problem preventing people from achieving their purpose in life is that they believe they have all the time in the world to do it. They think that if they don’t start their mission today, then “it’s no big deal; I’ll just do it tomorrow.” Now, while it’s true-you should not wait a single second to be who you were created to be-it’s important to temper that notion with the fact that it’s never too late to start the process! Many people, especially in this country, feel ....

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    This is a big weekend ahead of us! Labor Day will be coming up Monday, the much anticipated college football season kicks off tomorrow, and it’s the last chance to soak up those poolside rays... It’s also a great chance for all of us to do some reflection. See, this weekend marks the unofficial end of summer, and, as with every other era that comes to an end in our life, we have an opportunity to grow from it. This holds true in the fitness world as well. As you look back at your summer and take stock of what you did during these past three months, try to think about where you were (and more importantly, where you told yourself you would be health-wise) before the summer ....

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    When I was younger and still in school, I would have a tendency to lose focus every once in a while. I would always start out the year with great results! But, almost inevitably, I would lose my excitement to learn, and not do the work that was necessary to stay on top of my grades. It wasn’t that I meant to do badly-I would just get bored, or not pay attention and make silly mistakes on tests, or just get lazy and not do what was necessary to master the subject matter. It was at these moments that my mother would, very lovingly, say to me “Joseph! What you need is a kick in the butt!!” Fast forward a few years, and I find myself, along with Frank and our team of ....

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    There are few things more paradoxical in this world than the relationship that people have with the gym. We all know that exercise is imperative for us to live happy, productive, long-lasting lives; yet, when it comes time to show up and do the work, why are we so reluctant when know it will only benefit us in the long run? It’s possible that we need to take a step back and re-frame how we approach our relationship with the gym entirely. For many people the gym is seen as an uncomfortable space. We aren’t wearing designer clothes; we are getting hot, sweaty and out of breath; sometimes, we are doing movements that aren’t always the most natural for us. In reality, ....

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